Each week we like to provide more information about each of our Daily Disruptions, providing you with more information about their contexts and the work these fascinating groups and people do.

1) Downtown T-REx: T-REx has more than 50 member company, and it’s easy to see that this “coworking space and technology incubator” is at the forefront of turning St. Louis into an innovation hub whose economic future looks brighter and brighter everyday. In addition to the support and networking opportunities provided, T-REx also frequently opens its doors to the public for a variety of community events.

2) Mission Center L3C: The Mission Center, which we are lucky enough to call home, houses and supports a variety of socially conscious businesses. This incubator provides members with conference space, office space, and a variety of other office supply needs. What’s more, they provide members with the knowledge and support they will need to succeed–helping others fulfill their vision and mission of improving communities around the world is The Mission Center’s vision and mission.

3) Openly Disruptive: Openly Disruptive Founder and CEO Dan Reuse has taken note of how quickly the world is changing and who has the most powerful role in these changes. After realizing that many global changes are under the control of faceless, enigmatic corporate and government groups, Reuse determined that it was time to inform the public as well as organizations to engage in grassroots action at the public level and more socially conscious practices at the corporate level. Learning from one another, the public and larger organizations can begin making better decisions related to STEM education, innovation as it relates to economic growth, and how to establish a “Data-Driven Sustainable Society.”

4) Lab 1500: This co-working space and entrepreneurial center allows startups and work-from-home professionals to enter a space and make it their office. Not only does this get startups out of the founders’ garages and other people out of their living rooms, it also provides members with a network to learn with, develop from, grow in, and play within. The Lab provides several happy hour events, public speaker series, in addition to member workshops. Again, the Lab is having a dramatically positive impact on innovation in St. Louis as well as the city’s economic future.