1) Skandalaris Center: Washington University’s hub for entrepreneurship, this center provides curriculum opportunities, workshops, and resources for will-be entrepreneurs from a variety of fields. Perhaps the center’s crown jewel is the collaborative opportunities such as IdeaBounce, the Olin Cup, and the YouthBridge Social Enterprise and Innovation Competition.

2) Ignition Tank: Supporting innovative ways to support budding businesses, Ignition Tank creates a network of resources that have directly contributed to St. Louis’s growing startup talent. Projects they’re responsible for include Lab1500, Cubicle.com, and ResumeCheck.

3) The Able Few: This Ruby-focused software development company focuses on providing software support and infrastructure for startups. Concerning Ruby on Rails, their developers claim: “Rails is in our blood. We have been with rails since the very first release. There is no better framework for rapidly building a web application on the web today”