1) Lockerdome: A social network for sports enthusiasts, LockerDome allows users to discover new people sharing their personal sports-related interests through smaller social groups. What sets this social network head and shoulders ahead of other similar networks is that 1,500 professional athletes also use this site to uniquely talk to their fans.

2) Nebula: Open to creative professionals of any stripe, Nebula offers a variety of services tailored to meet the needs of “the unconventionally employed.” Their services range from a satellite office from which you can send/receive mail to an office/studio. Perhaps Nebula’s greatest offering is their tenants’ incredible creativity and openness to collaboration, a great resource for helping one another think critically and broaden perspectives.

3) Natron Baxter: While very tongue-and-cheek about it, Natron Baxter games are intended to change the world. Through educating players, providing unique insights, and broadening perspectives, these very unique games take the players into a corner of their world they may have never thought about. For example, Jane McGonigal’s Evoke encourages players to develop and promote real-world solutions to global problems such as hunger, epidemic outbreaks, and climate change.