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Kampala, Uganda

Safe Water Drinking Practices in Kampala's Slums: A Closer Look at the Elderly

A recent study titled "Factors that influence safe water drinking practices among older persons in slums of Kampala: Analyzing disparities in boiling water" was published on September 22, 2023. The study aimed to investigate the factors that influence the practice of boiling water among older persons in informal settlements of Kampala.


Primary data was collected on "Access to safe water and health services among older persons in informal settlements of Kampala" in October 2022. The study interviewed 593 men and women aged 60 years and older. The Complementary log-log multivariable technique was used to establish the association between boiling water practice and selected independent variables.


The results show that nearly 8% of the respondents did not boil their water for drinking. The findings show that the female older persons had increased odds of boiling water to make it safe for drinking compared to their male counterparts (OR = 1.859, 95% CI = 1.384–2.495). Other factors associated with boiling water practice among older persons in the informal settlements of Kampala were; living alone, quality of house, and type of water source.


Based on the findings, older women are more likely to use safe drinking water practice (boiling) compared to the male older persons. Health education majorly targeting older men about the importance and health benefits associated with safe water drinking practices should be prioritized by policy makers. There is a need to improve housing conditions of older persons to minimize typhoid, diarrhea and other health risks associated with drinking unsafely managed water.

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